Friday, 27 March 2015

New Flimsy Kitten print available for preorder

I drew a new Flimsy Kitten print which I'll be debuting at ELCAF! You can preorder in my shop HERE!

Hope you like :)

Oh, and if you're unfamiliar with Flimsy and want to see more of her she has her own Q&A website HERE.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

MORE Magazine cover

The Leicester Mercury asked me to do the cover for their supplement MORE Magazine - the magazine that I also do my weekly Vicky Park comic strip for.

The cover needed to celebrate the fact that The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole was being turned into a musical. It was lovely to work on something a little bit different.

My rough draft (which looks very similar!):

And a pic of it in real life (as the Mercury very kindly sent me a copy ^_^):

Monday, 9 March 2015

Commissions closed until July 2015

Hey guys, just a little note to say I'm not accepting any new commission requests until at least the end of July this year. I have to crack on with my new graphic novel ('The Rabbit', due to be released August 28th), and I've just signed a contract for a pretty huge chunk of comics work (which I'll hopefully be able to tell you all about real soon!). I've also got 'Vicky Park', my weekly comic strip for the Leicester Mercury and my monthly comic strip for the Doctor Who comic series, so hopefully you can see I have a lot on my plate smile emoticon I'll post again when I can re-open commissions. 

Here's a little peek at piece of a 'Rabbit' page I coloured yesterday, to, uh, make it up to you?

Much love, Rachael xxx

Commission: Kitty Pryde and Valkyrie

A commission I really enjoyed. The brief was 'Kitty Pryde and Valkyrie hanging out'. So I had lots of creative freedom! I decided to draw them having a nice drink in the sunshine (as I was feeling pretty cold at the time!).

Click to make 'em bigger:

Friday, 27 February 2015

Announcement: The Rabbit

I'm delighted to finally be able to tell you guys that my new book, The Rabbit will be released on August 28th through Avery Hill Publishing.

Eleanor and her younger sister Kathy have run away from school, from home and from all of their troubles. They may also be running from reality itself, as they seem to have acquired a new friend in the form of a talking cartoon bunny rabbit called Craig. As Craig grows bigger and bigger, the girls soon discover exactly what kind of creature has joined them on their adventure. Running away is not as easy as it seems.

Rachael Smith's follow up to the acclaimed House Party is a surreal and affecting coming-of-age tale that captures the wonder and vulnerability of youth. Both funny and sinister, familiar yet fantastical, you won't soon forget The Rabbit.

I'll be having a launch party on August 28th at Travelling Man, Manchester, followed by a London launch party at Orbital Comics on September 11th. That's right, I'm having TWO launch parties! More on those nearer the time.

Folk at the Forbidden Planet blog are already getting excited about the book HERE.

For now, please enjoy these preview pages (click on them to make them bigger):

Much loves,
Rachael xxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Commission: Gamora and Valkyrie

Here's another commission I thought I'd share with you guys...

Following my pin-up of Valkyrie back in November, the same client asked if I could draw her again, this time hanging out with her pal, Gamora. It was fun to draw the two characters just chilling out rather than bein' all fierce and that. Even superheros need days off, right?

Click on the images to make 'em bigger (if you like).

If you'd like to commission me to draw a thing for you or a loved one you can ask me at:

Big loves,
R xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

BBC East Midlands telly show

I was on the telly you guys!

I was interviewed about my comics on BBC East Midlands Today. It aired on February 23rd and for those of you who were unable to watch it I have it right here! Unfortunately they cut out the bits where I talk very eloquently about my new book (which I'll be posting about very soon...) and instead put in some SUPER cheesy comic book effects that I had nothing to do with - but if you can get past those I don't think I come across too badly!