Monday, 14 April 2014

Comic Artist Self Portraits

Here's a commission I did for the Comic Artist Self Portrait blog :)

R xxx

'House Party' original art work reward spotlight

Hey guys,
I thought I would do a little spotlight on one of the rewards on my Kickstarter project...

SO! LISTEN UP! For just £55 you could own an actual piece of original, signed artwork from the 'House Party' graphic novel. Each page is on A3 bristol board paper and is completed with blue col-erase pencil and black ink. Obviously as these are original pages, they are very limited, so snatch 'em up while you can :)


Also for your £55 you'll get a physical copy of 'House Party' that has been signed and sketched in, a thank you in the book, a PDF copy of the book, AND a physical copy of Rachael's mini comic 'I Am Fire', which made it into Forbidden Planet International's 'Best of 2013' last year :)

Oh! AND a limited edition, Kickstarter-exclusive, hand-numbered bookplate...that looks something like this:

Please take a look at the Kickstarter project to see all the rewards - they range from £3 - £200 so there's bound to be something for you, YES YOU!

Thanks loads guys,
R xxx

Friday, 11 April 2014

House Party - Kickstarter update

Hey guys!

So the Kickstarter has gone stupidly well!
We've reached all of our Stretchgoals! So the book will now include ten pages of guest art, have a UV spot varnished cover, and come with a Kickstarter-exclusive bookplate (the bookplate is only if you pre-order through the Kickstarter project).

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far - it's gone better than I ever imagined! I'm really trying to use the extra money to make the book the best it can be.

In other news, today I designed the Helveticas poster which you can get with 'The Helveticas Fan Club Bundle' reward (£20), or 'The Helveticas Mega Fan Club Bundle' reward (£35). So if you've gone for one of those rewards, or are thinking of doing so, you can see a little more of what you'll be getting :)

There's only 11 days left for you to preorder through the Kickstarter project, so get on it! :D

Big loves to you all!
Rachael xxx

Sunday, 30 March 2014

'House Party' Kickstarter update - Stretchgoal #1 reached!

Good news everyone!
Stretchgoal #1 has now been reached! At the time of writing we're at £2708 which is incredible - thank you all SO MUCH <3 p="">
This means that ten pages will be added to the book which will showcase some beautiful guest art from some super talented comics artists! (Names TBC) I'M PRETTY STOKED ABOUT THIS GUYS!!!! Let's all have a celebratory drink ^___^

Our next Stretchgoals are: 
STRETCHGOAL #2 If we reach £3000 the cover will be UV spot varnished.
STRETCHGOAL #3 If we reach £3300 every single physical copy of the book (including those already ordered) will come with an A5, Kickstarter-exclusive, signed bookplate.
Let's see how far we can get :) CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter project
Thanks again guys, I love you ALL.
Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kickstarter Stretchgoals and new rewards

We've now got 3 stretchgoals and 4 brand new rewards on the Kickstarter page now, guys! Posters! Zines! Badges! (Just in time for payday, eh? :D) 

Click here

Monday, 24 March 2014

HOUSE PARTY IS FUNDED!!! (but wait there's more...)


Holy moly! You guys have been AMAZING! We reached our target amount in just 4 days - thank you so much to everyone who has backed the project so far. The comic is definitely going to be printed! YAAAY!

PLEASE keep those pledges coming in though, people - as we plan to use the remaining days of the Kickstarter project to make the comic EVEN MORE AWESOME with some WICKED STRETCHGOALS!

We're looking into adding pages, producing extra goodies and making the finished product even more beautiful. Watch this space for details coming very soon, and pre-order now to make sure you don't miss out :)


Also, if you're a little on the fence about whether or not to back the project, 'House Party' has been getting some lovely features on other comics websites if you'd like a second opinion:

Thanks all, BIG LOVES,
Rachael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxox