Saturday, 20 December 2014

Commission: Wonder Woman

Another commission I really enjoyed.
Turns out I'm a fan of drawing kick ass women. Shocker.

Email me ( if you'd like me to draw something for you/a loved one sometime. xxx

Monday, 15 December 2014

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #5

Got so excited this morning to receive in the post my comps for Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #5, which has my second installment of my monthly one-page comic strip 'A Rose by Any Other Name' on the last page :D

This issue will be available from all good comic shops on Wednesday, December 17th, or you can order it online from Titan Comics.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Commission: Valkyrie

I don't usually post commissions, mainly because I forget to! I really enjoyed this one though so I thought I'd share it :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #4

The first of my monthly 'A Rose by Any Other Name' Doctor Who comic strips has been published in Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #4!

It's available now from all good comic shops - or you can grab it online here.

It came out really well (if I do say so myself!), and I'm really proud of it. Here are some sneaky peeks:

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Thought Bubble!

I'll be at Thought Bubble Festival later this month (specifically the 15th and 16th November).
Thought Bubble is my favourite comic convention EVER. It's held in Leeds on Armouries Square, I'll be in New Dock Halls at table 63 on both days. COME SEE ME!

Info on how to get tickets and stuff right HERE.

This Thought Bubble is kinda special for me as I'm nominated for the Emerging Talent award at the British Comic Awards. The award ceremony is held as part of the festival and will take place on Saturday 15th after the first day of selling comics - please wish me luck! :D

Now...onto the important stuff...


- House Party (comes with free band zine and badge/plectrum) (buy online (book only))
- Ask Flimsy (debuting at Thought Bubble! comes with sketch inside) (buy online)
- Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living (buy online)
- I Am Fire (buy online)
- The Way We Write (buy online)
- Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor issue #4 (in which I have a one-page comic strip)
- Badges and plectrums (get a free one with every comic purchase!)
- Flimsy Kitten postcard sketches

Also, for the first time ever I'm doing BUNDLES, where I package stuff up nicely and sell it to good people like YOU for a discounted price.

Pretty much all my books with some extra goodies thrown in too.
-House Party
-I Am Fire
-Ask Flimsy
-Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living
-The Way We Write
-Band zine
-8 badges

All the Flimsy goodness available.
-Ask Flimsy (comes with sketch inside)
-Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living
-Flimsy Kitten postcard sketch
-4 badges

Pretty cool, huh?
I honestly can't wait. It'll be a blast. Come along. Seriously.


Monday, 20 October 2014

British Comic Awards - Emerging Talent nomination

Absolutely chuffed to announce I've made the shortlist in this year's British Comic Awards Emerging Talent category!

There were 93 of us on the Longlist - and to make the final five is the raddest thing ever.

My work from the last year, (along with the work of the other four brilliantly talented peeps) will now be passed over to the British Comic Awards Judging Panel who will decide the winner.

The winners of all the categories of the BCAs will be announced at the 3rd Annual British Comic Awards Ceremony which will take place at 6pm on Saturday 15th November in the Royal Armories Bury Theatre in Leeds as part of the Thought Bubble Festival.

Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Doctor Who comics back-up strips


I'm super excited and stoked and amazed to announce I'll be doing a new monthly strip for the Doctor Who: 10th Doctor comics published by Titan Comics.

My first one will be in issue 4 which should be out early November, which you'll be able to pick up at all good comic shops :)

I've written and drawn each strip myself, working closely with the lovely folk at Titan, its been a blast and I can't wait for you guys to see 'em in all their glory.

Here's a sneaky peek at part of the first strip and some of the concept art for now...(more soon)...

...and yes, of course there's a cat involved. OF COURSE THERE IS.

Friday, 3 October 2014

New Flimsy the Kitten book available to pre-order :)


I finally have a NEW Flimsy the Kitten book coming out! 
And it's available for pre-order NOW from here!!!

Basic info...

"ASK FLIMSY" (limited edition of 300, each numbered, signed, and sketched in)                                                                                       
40 pages long
Full colour
£5.00 (preorder, will ship on November 10th)

More info...

The book is called "ASK FLIMSY" and in it Flimsy answers questions from real people on the subject of LOVE. Some questions include: Can you find love online? Where do broken hearts go? and How do you get over a crush? Some of Flimsy's advice is not very good, but all of it is downright adorable.

"ASK FLIMSY" is a LIMITED EDITION - I'm only printing 300 of them and each will be hand-numbered, hand-signed, AND HAND-SKETCHED-IN!
All this for just £5.00 - jeez louise, right!?
I'll be debuting the book at Thought Bubble Festival on the 15th November (IF I HAVE ANY LEFT! AMIRIGHT?), and shipping out all pre-orders on November 10th. Is debuting a word? I’m pretty sure it’s kind of a word.

Have a look at some sample pages why don'tcha? :D 

Thanks for all the Flimsy Kitten love, guys.
Rachael xxx

P.S. If you were one of the rad people who responded to my call for ‘love’-themed questions, and would like to check whether or not your question made it into the book before you order one, you can ask me here: rachael(at)rachaelsmith(dot)org

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

'The Rabbit' character concepts

Here's a couple more concept sketches for my next comic project 'The Rabbit'.

ICYMI I also posted a 'Rabbit' sketch here.

R xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

Metroland pin-up

I was well happy to be asked to do a pin-up image for issue #2 of the fab 'Metroland' by Ricky Miller and Julia Scheele (published by Avery Hill). 

Julia's art in the comic is so beautiful, so I was kinda nervous to do something worthy...hopefully I did OK.

The characters I chose are the mysterious Jessica Hill and slightly disheveled Ricky Stardust.
You can read more about the series here.

A little pic of the work-in-progress :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Rabbit

So my next comic is gonna be called 'The Rabbit'.
Here's some character concept art for it.
Don't get mad if stuff changes... :D xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Original 'House Party' pages available

Hi all! 

So I've put a few of the original, inked pages from 'House Party' up in my online shop. They're going for £40 each. If they go well then I'll put some more up. If there's a certain page you'd like from the book, message me and I'll see if it's still available. 

I'll post some of them below, but you can See them all here :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

'House Party' Launch Party & ELCAF 2014

Hi everyone!
So I had a rad time at my launch party for my debut graphic novel 'House Party'. Thank you SO MUCH to all who came, and to the fantastic folk at Orbital for making it such a good night. I was delighted and humbled at how many people came to see little ole' me. 

Wanna see some pictures? OF COURSE YOU DO:

House Party House Party House Party House Party...
Photo by Will Brooker

Cheeky Totoro getting in shot.
Photo by Will Brooker

Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

I was so busy signing all night I totally forgot to drink ALL THE FREE BOOZE.
Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

I was probs being all charming and delightful here
Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

Photo by Dean Simons

Adam Cadwell also made a little video which shows how packed it was which you can watch riiiight HERE :) Woo!

OK so the day after my launch party was ELCAF 2014! I had the best time at this too, it was so, so nice to hang out with some of the other Great Beast folk :)

Here are some photos from the day:

John gets attacked by a plastic dinosaur
Photo by Adam Cadwell

How could you NOT wanna come to our table??
Photo by Adam Cadwell

Photo by Dan Cox

Photo by Dan Cox

Photo by Dan Cox

Photo by Dan Cox

Photo by Dan Cox

Adam got sad when a balloon popped
Photo by Dan Cox

Me teaching Dan how to draw Flimsy :)

We made it, you guys! It was a long ole' day...
Photo by Adam Cadwell

On the Sunday I went to Gosh!  to sign and number 200 exclusive 'House Party' bookplates :)
You can get your hands on one of these babies by being one of the first 200 people to buy the book from Gosh! So GET GOING ALREADY!

FINALLY - Whilst at ELCAF I did an interview with the lovely Alex Fitch from 'Panel Borders', which goes out live today, hopefully I said some semi-intelligent stuff. If not though I totally SAVE ALEX FROM A WASP about half way through so you should tune in just for that, really. Here's some info about it and how you can listen:

Panel Borders: Comedies and tragedies

Alex Fitch explores the art and culture of comics and graphic novels with practitioners worldwide. Today Alex talks to British small press cartoonist Rachael Smith about her first graphic novel - House Party - and to American artist Maureen Burdock about her latest F Word Project comic which looks at Female Genital Mutilation and is being exhibited at Space Station 65 gallery in Kennington.

4.30pm Monday 16th June, repeated 11am Thursday 19th June on Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at / extended podcast at

I think that's it! Phew!
If you were unable to come to the launch party or ELCAF but want to get your mits on a copy of 'House Party' you can order it from the Great Beast store HERE.

Loads of loves to you all,
Rachael xxxx