Sunday, 20 December 2015

2015, you've been rad

So, gosh, 2015 is nearly over and so I wanted to do a little blog post about what I achieved this year and what my aims are for 2016!

I'm doing this mainly because I did it early on this year in a Guardian Masterclass run by the amazingly talented Karrie Fransman. I found the class really helpful in thinking about where I want to go with my work. I blogged about the class here.

So, what did I do this year? Here are my highlights...

-My second graphic novel The Rabbit was released, with Avery Hill Publishing. It was also nominated for Best Book at the British Comic Awards.
-Blue Bottle Mystery was released which I did the artwork for (it was written by Kathy Hoopmann and adapted into a graphic novel script by Mike Medaglia), with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
-I finally moved into a new house with a dedicated studio space - no more working on my Mum's coffee table for me! Here's a pic of the view from my drawing board :)

-I continued with my monthly Doctor Who one-pagers for the Tenth Doctor Comic Series, published by Titan Comics, I'm currently working on my 19th Docco comic! I also did three variant covers for them.
-I launched my webcomic, Bess, which updates twice a week.
-I illustrated a children's novel called Ed & the Shirtmakers, written by Andy Seed and published by Badger Learning, Haven Books Group.
-Ask Flimsy now updates every Saturday ^_^
-I exhibited at 11 comic conventions/festivals across the UK.
-I made some new merch, including a limited edition Rabbit print, Flimsy puzzle book, poster and stickers, all of which can be ordered here.
-I continued with Vicky Park, my weekly comic for the Leicester Mercury. It's been going for four years now!
-I finally made a proper portfolio website! See it here.

It's been a wild ride and I am super thankful to anyone who has supported me, bought my books, come to see me at a convention, reviewed my work, tweeted me, facebooked me, or just let me know to my face that you dig my stuff - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I do my dream job for a living and I'm so happy about that - but I wouldn't be able to do that without all of you. BIG LOVES!

I'm going into 2016 feeling really motivated and excited about what stories I can tell you.
I do have specific goals for 2016, but a lot of them involve stuff I can't really talk about, but basically I want to:

-Read more!
-Get better at writing
-Do some overseas conventions (TCAF and Comic Con Brussels are already confirmed - exciting!)
-Do a new short-form comic
-Do a new long-form comic
-Continue with ongoing projects - Doctor Who, Bess, Vicky Park, and Ask Flimsy

I can do iiittt!

Thank you again, friends! I love you all,
See you in 2016!!

Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor covers

On top of my exciting Webcomic news today, I can also announce that I have two more Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor covers coming out through Titan Comics!

I'm really happy to finally be able to show these to you guys!

This one is out this month (November):

And this one will be out in December:

Both of these will be cover variant C, so ask your local comic shop to order them in for you :)
Hope you like them.
So exciting!

R xxx


My new webcomic BESS launched this morning which I'm very excited about!


Bess will update every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am (GMT).

Here are some sneak peeks:

Andy Oliver also did a little 'upcoming' feature over at Broken Frontier. Read it here!

It's going to be a very strange ride. I really hope you guys enjoy it.

R xxx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Thought Bubble 2015


The Thought Bubble comic convention runs on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November at the Leeds Dock and Royal Armouries. If you've never come to see me at a convention before and would like to then please make this one your choice - it is my favourite :)
Click here for more information and tickets.

I have so much going on at this years Thought Bubble I thought I'd best make a post about it (mainly so I don't forget stuff I'm supposed to be doing) here we go!

1) British Comic Awards
On the Friday night before the convention (November 13th) is the British Comic Awards ceremony. My graphic novel 'The Rabbit' is up for the BEST BOOK category (which I am super humbled and stoked about). This year's ceremony will take place at 6pm at The Carriageworks' Millennium Room in central Leeds. It is free to attend, but seats will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Full information on the awards is right HERE.

2) Where Am I?
For the convention on Saturday and Sunday (November 14th and 15th) I'll be exhibiting in the New Dock Halls venue at table 173. 
Here is a helpful map! (click to make it bigger).

Info on all the Thought Bubble convention venues (there are three) is right HERE.

3) New Stuff!
I'll be debuting a few items this year! Here are some details on them:

Item #1: Flimsy Kitten's Party Puzzle Book
24 pages, b/w
£3.00 (comes with free pack of crayons)
Flimsy Kitten is throwing a party for all her animal friends. She is excited but she has so much to do! Can you help her get ready?
This is a puzzle book for children (although grown ups are welcome to enjoy it too!). Includes dot-to-dots, mazes, spot-the-difference, drawing, and more!

Item #2: Blue Bottle Mystery 
Creators: Kathy Hoopmann (writer), Mike Medaglia (script writer), Rachael Smith (illustrator). 
Published by: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
64 pages, full colour, hardback.
Full of mystery and intrigue, this graphic novel version of Kathy Hoopmann's best-selling adventure follows Ben, a boy with Asperger syndrome (AS). When Ben and his friend Andy discover an old blue bottle in the school yard, little do they know of the mysterious forces they are about to unleash...

Item #3: Rabbit Ltd edition print
A4, ltd to 50. Signed & numbered 
Following the success of my graphic novel, The Rabbit, I decided to make a print! I'll be putting these on my online shop if I have any leftover after the show, but numbers are limited so if you want one your best bet is to come to my table.

I'll also have copies of The Rabbit, House PartyI Am Fire, Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living, a few Flimsy Dress For No One But You prints, and some badges! I'll also be doing my Flimsy Kitten portraits again - these went down a storm at MCM last weekend so I'm excited at the prospect of them at Thought Bubble!

As always, my stuff is available on my online shop right HERE. Although the items debuting at Thought Bubble won't be available until after the show.

4) Thought Bubble Anthology
I'm absolutely delighted to have a page in the Thought Bubble Anthology this year. It's a great honour, and all proceeds go to the amazing charity Barnados.

Here is the cover, with art by the wonderful Babs Tarr:

And here is a little sneak peek at my page:

The anthology will be available from Thought Bubble festival, or from all good comic shops from the 11th November. Previews ordering info is right HERE.

5) Rabbit Drawing Competition
At the time of writing there is still time to enter the Rabbit drawing competition! 
No matter what your age or drawing capability there is a chance for you to win Rabbit-themed goodies including original art from the book. All you have to do is draw me a rabbit! 
Closing date is the 1st November. I'll be judging the two categories on the Saturday at Thought Bubble, over at the Avery Hill Publishing table (New Dock Hall - 154). I honestly can't wait to see all your drawings!

Full information and terms and conditions of the competition right HERE.

6) Laydeez Do Comics 
Finally, on the Monday after the convention (November 16th) I'll be giving a talk about my work as part of the Laydeez Do Comics bi-monthly meetings.

Venue: Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ
Time: 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Cost: £1.50 donation
No need to book, just turn up.

There are two other guest speakers:
Simone Lia, and Ricky Miller (Avery Hill Publishing, Metroland)

Full info on all Laydeez Do Comics meetings is right HERE.

Exciting times!

I hope you can join me for some or ALL of the above. I'm super stoked.
If you have any questions, feel free to shout at me on Twitter.

Love you, BYE!

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Rabbit up for BEST BOOK at the British Comic Awards!


Nominations for The British Comic Awards were announced this morning and I'm delighted to announce that The Rabbit has made it into the shortlist for BEST BOOK!

Congrats to all the other nominees!
It's an amazing feeling that my book is considered one of the top five graphic novels of 2015 in the UK.

Mind = blown.

Please take a look at the British Comic Awards website for full information, inluding the longlist, judges, and committee.

Wish me luck!
Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dress For No One But You - ltd edition Flimsy print now available


Well, I did promise, after the first one sold so quickly, that I would come up with a second one...and here it is! (click the image to make it bigger).

Like the first one, this is a limited edition (only 50 copies printed).
It's A3-size, hand signed and numbered by yours truly.

Why not let Flimsy inspire you to wear whatever makes you happy everyday! :D

Order right HERE.

Thanks all,
R xxx

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Rabbit - launch party photos!

Hello all!
Sorry about the lateness of this post! Since the launch parties I have moved house and don't have proper wifi yet (soon though...)

Oh my goodness the Rabbit launch parties were AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who came, it was so lovely to meet you all.

Here are a collection of photos from the evenings, special thanks to Camila from Orbital for taking most of these!

If you have any photos that you would like me to include here, please email me! (rachael(at)rachaelsmith(dot)org) xxx

Click on any photo to enlarge. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my greeting face. Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

'Hey, this doesn't look half bad!' Photo by Camila Barboza

Antics. Photo by Camila Barboza

Cookies! Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

'What's your name?'
'Laura with an A-U?'
'No - Nora.'
'Oh, like L-A-R-A?'
'It's Nora.'

I hadn't even finished one glass of wine at this point!
Nora, I'm so sorry!

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Hey look it's NORA, everyone! Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

The famous Andy Oliver! Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Noms. Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Tom throwing some serious shade at whatever I'm drawing! (it's probably a rabbit)
Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

I have no idea. Am I being a rabbit??
Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

'You OK for booze, honey?'
Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

'I'm gonna try standing up for a while...'
Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Photo by Camila Barboza

Me and Lucinda having, what looks like, very SERIOUS chats!
Photo by Camila Barboza

Me and the Avery Hill boys :)
Photo by Camila Barboza

Sans Kanye shades
Photo by Camila Barboza

Roisin hot pose #1
Photo by Rob Cureton

Roisin hot pose #2
Photo by Rob Cureton

Photo by Roisin Grasby
Original art for sale at the Manchester launch.
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Ricky Miller
Photo by Victoria Riches
Photo by Victoria Riches

Travelling Man!
Photo by Haroon Mushtaq

What a blast!
If you've yet to pick up a copy of The Rabbit, you can do so at Travelling Man, Orbital Comics, and all other good comic shops - or online direct from Avery Hill right here.

Much love,
Rachael xxx