Monday, 13 January 2014

Press: Forbidden Planet International BEST OF 2013

Hey guys! My comic 'I Am Fire' made it into Forbidden Planet International's BEST OF THE YEAR 2013 top ten list! WOAH! 

"The dialogue had me near crying with laughter, the story is a comedic gem, work experience placements will never, ever be this much fun, this silly, this mad. The story is a series of comedy sketches threaded together expertly, the tone of the characters so well observed, and so very, very funny."

There are some awesome comics alongside mine (Hyperbole and a Half, guys!!) so please take a look at the whole lot here:

And if this has inspired you to get a copy of 'I Am Fire' for yourself...please visit my shop here:

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Valentines/Birthday/Anniversary (etc.) commissions

Hey guys!

I'm doing my comic commissions again! I got absolutely full up for Valentines Day last year, so if you want one in time for Feb 14th please be quick :) Obviously you can order them all year round for different occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, etc., but Valentines is my busiest time for these so I thought it was a good time to remind you of them!  

SO! Here's the deal, kids...
I am offering one-of-a-kind, original, 4-panel comic strips which could tell a story about the two of you or just your favourite person.

Your comic could be about...
  • How you met,
  • When you got engaged/started seeing each other,
  • Your first date,
  • An adventure you shared,
  • A funny story that you're both always telling to friends,
  • Or, quite simply, 4 things you love about someone.
For £75 you will get an A3, signed, colour, high-quality print AS WELL AS the original ink drawing (frame not included).

For £100 you can get the same, but I'll frame it for you as well :)

Please see the images below (click to make them bigger) for some examples of past ones: 

All you have to do to order yours is email me at with your idea, details of what you'd like in each panel and photos of you and your loved one/whoever you're including in the comic.

If you do want it for Valentines Day please order before February 4th, 2013 and before January 28th if you live outside the UK.

I accept Paypal, cheques, and back transfers.

If you're unsure of which idea you'd like to go with, email me anyway and we can come up with something together for you :)

Look forward to hearing from you guys! ^__^

R xxx