Monday, 17 May 2010

Sketchbook images from my brain

Animals/made up things. For those of you who are followers of my Flimsy Kitten Blog, the whale here is due to go on an adventure with her, sans the silly legs - I don't know what possessed me to put those on!

My favourite is the crocodile guy with the tongue too big to fit in his body, haha!

Zipper monster.

WHO WILL WIN??????????????

Done with the help of Hayley Vann's weird animal combo suggestions.


Gen-Gen character studies.

Just fishing for puppies with a sausage, what you up to?


Yeah, I have a strange brain...
Loves to you all.
R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

Paul Shinn said...

Hahaha! That's an "interesting" insight into the inner-workings of your mind... :-)

Love the fishing for puppies with a sausage!