Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Meta comic

Another silly, slightly scribbly comic.
As you guys seem to enjoy them.

P.S. James (my boyfriend) isn't really that critical about my work and hardly /ever/ hits me over the head with a baseball bat.
He does get annoyed when people write songs about writing songs though.
Gotta have our quirks I guess.

R xxx


jammus said...

I don't hate every song about writing songs. However, those 18 that Natasha Bedingfield wrote piss me off.

Paul Shinn said...

Hahaha. Awesome! I have to admit to being guilty of making a fair few comics about making comics myself. But this was great!

Meta. :-)

Rachael Smith said...

james: tit head turner gets you hot under the collar too.

paul: i liked your comics about you, they were a cute and funny insight into your brain :)