Saturday, 15 October 2011

Announcement: Vicky Park!

Hello friends,

So this week has been very exciting and filled with good news!
I am to be the first cartoonist for the Leicester Mercury, Leicester's local paper!

I will have a cartoon strip in the new weekend supplement 'More' every week!
The strip will be about Leicester student, 'Vicky Park' (for those of you not from Leicester, this is a VERY funny joke - Leicester has a park called 'Victoria Park', but lots of the locals call it 'Vicky Park')

I thought I'd draw this sketch in celebration. Vicky's on the right, on the left is her little sis, Abbie.

The first strip will be in 'More' which will come with the Leicester Mercury on Saturday, October 29th. Pleeeease buy it if you're local to Leicester! And then show your friends and go 'oooh' and 'aaaahh' about it like I will be :)

Over and out,
R xxxx


Sarah Davies said...

Oh my god this is so exciting!!! Congrats hon!!!x

Rachael Smith said...

Thank you Sarah! I am excited tooo! Miss your face! xxxx