Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Magical cat

This is a little comicstrip I done for a cool lady called Taeshi.
The girl in the comic is supposed to be her (I hope I did you justice, Taeshi! I also hope it cheers you a little).

If you want to check out her awesome webcomic (starring cats! but not magic ones...) then go here.

EDIT (04/01/12): Taeshi mentioned me in the comments section on her webcomic, ain't she a sweetie? I'm glad I could help brighten her day. Do go visit her site via the link above - why not leave her a nice comment too while you're at it? :D


kaida said...

I LOVE IT! there was sunshine.. now theres rain, and later there will be rainbows <3

Rachael Smith said...


Maverik said...

This is a really beautiful sentiment and a lovely comic Rache! I'm so glad you could do something to cheer Taeshi up, as I feel like she could really use a friend as kind and caring as you are.

Thank you so much for caring :)

Rachael Smith said...

Aww Maverik, what a lovely thing to say! :) :) :)


Johnny Vincero said...

Maverik and Taeshi are good judges of character. Adorable and succinct. I wish I could articulate myself that well verbally, much less visually.