Monday, 13 August 2012

Wolves exhibition - the opening party

Hullo lovely readers-of-my-blog,

Here are some photos from the opening party of 'Wolves', my exhibition, which was on Saturday, 11th August at the Crumblin' Cookie in Leicester.

busy busy! (taken by Paul Shinn)

inspection (taken by Paul Shinn)

companion wolf (taken by Paul Shinn)

 growing wolf (taken by Paul Shinn)

empty glass... (taken by Paul Shinn) 

le merch table without people (taken by paul Shinn) 

le merch table WITH people! (taken by Paul Shinn) 

chats (taken by paul Shinn) 

 my bio/blurbs table (taken by Paul Shinn)

me and my bff lucinda (taken by Joe Morrell)

we also had live music from the lovely Dan Wright :)
(taken by Ali Safavi)

I had a rad time.
Thanks to the Cookie and it's staff, especially Tinny for his support and BBQ-awesomeness, to Dan for doing beautiful musics, and lastly (but certainly not leastly) thank you to all that came!
For those that couldn't make it - it'll be up for two more weeks!
So go check it out if you're able :)

Loves and hugs,
R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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