Monday, 12 November 2012

Wolves - the exhibition opening party in Chester!

The opening party on Saturday for my 'Wolves' exhibition in Chester was a blast. 
Thanks to everyone who came, said hello, bought stuff, was lovely.

If you weren't able to come, here are some pictures for you so you can pretend :)

Weee! Pictures!

The 10 Flimsy ldt edition prints...

Blurbs and business cards. I am all about the business.

Have decided my pictures look really nice with cake stuff around them!

Four more behind the counter.

Merch table!

Portfolio/print table!


Moi #2

Some Wolves and some Flimsys...

Becnicks Wonder Emporium - the coolest place ever!


Merch windowsill!

One last look at the guys...

The exhibition will be up for four weeks, so if you can make it down/up then please do!
Everything is for sale, and all the merch and ltd edition prints are available from the shop too.

Becnicks Wonder Emporium can be found here:
88-94 Brook Street, Chester,
CH1 3DN.

You can also buy the prints, among other things, at my online SHOP.

Lots of loves,
R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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