Monday, 11 March 2013

Ghosts: the third finished piece

Here's my (slightly ris-kay?) third piece for the Leicester Illustrators Group exhibition.
It'll open on the 6th April upstairs at the Crumblin' Cookie in Leicester, so do come along if you can :)

Click the image to make it bigger.


AlexiaArtsforKids said...

Amazing artwork!

AlexiaArtsforKids said...

Rachael, you are very welcome to copy/ draw Alexia character - write her into your stories. She is a Leicester girl, too! She goes to DMU.
I would recommend also the Design & Artists Copyright Society (DACS) - you can claim repeatedly for a share of royalties, on works used in books with ISBN number attached. I have been doing this for almost ten years. They can advise on Copyright issues that may arise.
Must close, 1:29 AM!