Thursday, 8 January 2015

True Believers Comic Festival

My first comic convention appearance of 2015 will be the True Believers Comic Festival on the 7th February, which is held at Cheltenham Racecourse.

The website is right HERE with tickets info and what not.
It's a brand new event so I'm excited to see what it's like! 

I will be at table G2 - so please come say hi if you can!


-House Party (buy online)
-Ask Flimsy (buy online)
-Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living (buy online)
-I Am Fire (buy online)
-The Way We Write (buy online)
-Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor issue #4, #5, and #6
-Badges and plectrums (get a FREE one with every comic purchase!)
-Flimsy Kitten postcard sketches


YES I'm doing BUNDLES again, where I package stuff up nicely and sell it to good people like YOU for a discounted price.

THE EVERYTHING BUNDLE (£25) (buy online)
Pretty much all my books with some extra goodies thrown in too.
-House Party
-I Am Fire
-Ask Flimsy
-Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living
-The Way We Write
-Band zine
-8 badges

THE FLIMSY KITTEN BUNDLE (£10) (buy online)
All the Flimsy goodness available.
-Ask Flimsy (comes with sketch inside)
-Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living
-Flimsy Kitten postcard sketch
-4 badges

Look forward to seeing you in Feb!

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