Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ipod comix


Here are three little comics I made about when I bought a new Ipod earlier this year.
I'm not good at Ipods. Or Apple things. I've only just taught myself not to say 'The Apple Mac Store' and 'Ipod Phone'. sigh.

I wrote that last one BEFORE I saw that Parks and Rec episode - I swear!

Anyway, these were supposed to be a part of a new auto bio project but then I didn't have the time to carry it on. I might go back to it later in the year, but it's likely to look a lot different to these ones.

R xxx

P.S. EDIT: I clearly made these late LAST YEAR as there's a flippin' CHRISTMAS TREE in the first one. Gosh darn it, Rachael - LOOK at your own comics once in a while!

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