Friday, 31 July 2015

Commissions: OPEN!

As promised, I've opened my personal commissions again!

If you'd like a portrait of yourself, a loved one, a pet, or fictional/pop culture character, one of my own characters (Flimsy maybe?), or an entire comic page telling a personal/made up story then please get in touch on

Prices are as follows:

A4 one figure black and white = £30
A3 one figure black and white = £40
Additional figures + £10 each figure
Backgrounds + £10
Colour + £10

A4 comic page black and white = £70
A3 comic page black and white = £130
A4 comic page full colour = £90
A3 comic page full colour = £150

Things to keep in mind:
-If you commission a colour piece of work I will ship you the original penciled/inked piece of work and email you the print-ready colour pdf. I only colour digitally.
-All original penciled/inked work involved in your commission will be posted to you.
-Prices do not include postage outside of the UK.
-These prices are for personal commissions only and not the same as my commercial prices.


Some examples of what I can do are below, happy viewing! (click on any pic to make it bigger).

Valkyrie, black and white

Wonder Woman, black and white

Wonder Woman, colour

Valkyrie, colour

Valkyrie and Kitty Pride hanging out, black and white

Valkyrie and Kitty Pride hanging out, colour

Valkyrie and Gamora hanging out, colour

CV - comic page, black and white
(words copyright Hollie Poetry)

My So Called Secret Identity pin up, colour

Commander Irene portrait, colour

Birthday portrait, colour

Jurassic Flimsy, colour

Lumberjanes, colour

Metroland pin up, colour

Hope you enjoyed looking at these - maybe they've given you some ideas, huhhh? :)
Any questions, please email me on 

Thanks guys!
Rachael xxx

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