Friday, 21 August 2015

Retiring mini comics

Hey guys,
Just a little note to let you know that a couple of my mini comics are now out of print.

'Ask Flimsy' is now officially sold out!
There may be a few knocking around a few comic shops that haven't sold yet - but I am all out so have taken them off of my shop. The plan was to only print 300 of these as a limited edition and they've all gone in 9 months which I think is pretty good - so thanks guys!

I do plan on making a new Flimsy book - but it probably won't be until early next year, and will be a little bigger (and hopefully more exciting!) than the Flimsy books you've seen so far :)

Also, I've decided to retire my 'The Way We Write' mini comic. I love this book, but it was the first comic I ever did (it was first published in 2012), and I feel like I can draw and tell stories a lot better now. If people are going to read my stuff I'd prefer them to read my newest stuff, y'know? Again, there might be a few still available from shops, but I am all out and not getting them reprinted.

I do a have a few stories in my brain for new mini comics like this one which I hope to work on in the coming months. There might be a chance you'll see Chris from 'I Am Fire' and Siobhan from 'House Party' in their own little adventure...maybe. Don't hate me if this doesn't happen.

If, somehow, you've avoided me going on about it - I have a new graphic novel coming out in ONE WEEK'S TIME called The Rabbit - which you can preorder HERE.

I also have a childrens' graphic novel that I illustrated coming out in November called 'Blue Bottle Mystery', which will be available through Jessica Kingsley Publishers in a couple of months.

Thanks for all the support, you guys.
Rachael xxx

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