Monday, 9 May 2016

Free Comic Book Day + New Book Launch!

I had a great time drawing at Gosh! for Free Comic Book Day! There were some really imaginative kids there and I really hope they continue drawing ^__^

In the evening I also launched my new book, Artificial Flowers, which was super fun. Thanks to everyone who came down for it - it was lovely to meet you all!
You can buy Artificial Flowers, from the Avery Hill shop HERE!

Here are some photos from the day/eve, click on any of them to make them bigger:

(All photos, except where indicated, are by the wonderful Mauricio Molizane De Souza)

Me and the amazingly talented Kristyna Baczynski - she drew a comic about a man-eating plant which I wish I'd taken a photo of!

I think I'm drawing Squirrel Girl here.

Signing the limited edition bookplates (photo by me)

(photo by me)

This is the first time I saw my book! (photo by me)

I think I was getting excited about a small dog that was behind me here.

Owen and Edie!

Rachael Stott dropped by and I did some weird hand gestures at her!

it me.

Pages from the book (photo by me).

Pages from the book (photo by me).

My babies together at last (photo by me)

(photo by me)

Pipedream Comics also wrote a nice little review of the book which you can read HERE!

Thanks all!
Rachael xxx

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