Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lumberjanes cover - IRL!

My Lumberjanes comps arrived and I'm really happy with how my cover came out! Adam and I took advantage of the glorious weather to take some pics of them in our wilderness of a garden 
Issue #29 is out TOMORROW published by Boom! Studios so get down to all good comic shops and grab your Rachael Smith-ified copy!


AlexiaArtsforKids said...


AlexiaArtsforKids said...

Hiya Rachael.... I just wanted to say that I really, really miss your wonderful "Vicky Park" comic strip, the Mercury's More magazine just ain't the same without it, I still keep turning the the back page every weekend to see it, hoping it's there!
Instead I just see crossword puzzles; surely I'm not the only one to miss it.
You were doing Vicky Park for what must be 5 years ago now, I have every single copy of the More mag with it in the back!
In all honesty, if it wasn't for you doing that, I probably wouldn't have been inspired to start doing my comic art stuff again. What's more, this has been a really horrible year for me, because I have been very sick and unable to walk properly, due to a (suspected) growth/ problem with my leg, I've been having test after test. However, when every Saturday came around it always cheered me up to see your lovely comic artwork.
In the story-lines I was really pleased to see Vicky's ex-flame "Reece" being mentioned, at one point it seemed as though she might get back with him. I am really and truly sorry to see the end of Vicky Park, but if you no-longer wanted to be/ or no-longer felt comfortable doing it, then I completely respect that, of course.
If you were to create a Vicky Park comic, I would simply have to buy it from you!!