Monday, 29 March 2010

Doodles (the best/strangest of book 1)

These are the things that live in my brain. I draw them in little books to let them out...
The following are my favourites from Book The First:

Despite dieting for weeks, she still couldn't fit through the tiny door.

Scary tail.

Snow bear.

A big, fat sealion.

This is a drawing of my hamster (from memory!) and of Scraggley the Pigeon who lived on my balcony for a bit.

This drawing is about my complicated relationship with alcohol.

The obligatory pretty girl.



A long animal.

A nervous (but still hot) lingerie model.

She's annoyed with herself for being in love with such a JERK.

How I think web developers spend their time.

Two eggs riding a camel.

Binary monster. Wave bye bye!


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