Sunday, 28 March 2010

Zoo animals

So I went to the zoo for my birthday! I drew these animals, the idea being that drawing from life will help me put style and character into the animals i draw in my picture books.

he looked like a rock star.

i hope he never gets caught...(sorry).
he's a leopard. he didn't stay still long enough for me to draw his spots.
a baby elephant! his name was 'Ganesh Vijay' ^__^

Sooooo Otters don't stay still AT ALL! They are hard to draw -__-

A deer of some kind.
This is a D-Hole. He is standing up.
Now he is lying down.
Ring-tailed lemurs! They were my favourites ^________^


Jay Jay said...

It's so geeky but I can tell that was Twycross. <3

Rachael Smith said...

Yay! Twycross rocks - HARD