Friday, 23 April 2010

DANNY - halp plz?

Hello all!
So these are the three images I've decided on to send to publishers along with a rough draft of the whole story and a proposal explaining what demographic I'm aiming for and stuff. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP PEOPLE! Is there anything about these images you think I should change? Click on them and make them big and scrutinise them! Be picky! Pretend you're an obnoxious, spoiled 7 year old! Do you think they're the best pictures? Was there another that I've blogged before that you wished you could see coloured in? Any advice would be amazing. Feel free to comment, email or (if you know where I live) come shout at me in person.

Love to you all xxxxxxx

Ooh P.S. There's also this one (which defs needs more work) but which is the other one that's semi-finished. If you think I should send this one too and send 4, or if you think it should take the place of one of the top 3 then lemme know too, yeah?


Paul Shinn said...

Hey Rachael. Wow! These are looking great. It's cool to see how your story is developing. I really like the second image with Danny winning the trophy for best dragon! There's so much to look at, but I like how you've made the parts in the foreground stronger than the background, and with the darker outline. If I had to pick up on anything, it's probably that by comparison, the other images don't have the same sense of depth to them...I hope that makes sense. Great work though!

Raven said...

wow you are really good! And it seems interesting too...I couldnt really think of anything to criticise, but then again, I am neither a boy nor a 7-year old, so I dont quite fit your quota.
Good luck~! :)