Friday, 30 April 2010

Munka plushie (Version 1)

Munka the plushie!!! Look at him!
My friend Laura Heatherly (look at her blog, it's awesome) made this prototype Munka for me, isn't he amazing??

Hangin out in his new home.

This is the picture I drew which Laura worked from.

Cheeky face. Terrible photographing skills ala me.

Just kickin back with big Flimsy and little Jimmsy.

Little Jimmsy is well happy to have a new friend ^__^

So Laura is going to make the final version of him soon hopefully! My plan is to take him with me to meetings with publishers to show how my characters can be really successfully made into child-friendly products. I need to make his eyes less googly though as (apparently) children's books don't sell if the characters have googly eyes. Stupid. So I'm going to work on a new picture of him before Laura gets started.


Loves xxx

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