Tuesday, 1 June 2010

White Noise crafting

The rather wonderful Laura Heatherley and I will be selling some stuff at the White Noise Festival on Sunday 6th June at Firebug bar in Leicester from 2pm until we get bored. Come do a hello at us if you can!

So far I have made........................................

A mess!

Some cheeky cake slices!

Buy a slice of cuddly cake from me for charity, won't you?

Little cake badges!

Hi guys!

Doughnut badges...mmmmmmmmm...

Panda badges!

Dinosaur badges! Exclamation!

Aaaaaand the mice what I blogged about before. They all have names now, this one is Lewis.

They also have different personalities! This is what Lewis likes and dislikes.

So yes, do come by if you are able, it's all for a good cause don't you know.
I'll be making some more stuff in the next few days - so who knows what you will find! Hehe!

Love you all lots,
R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

They look delicious. Especially the dinosaurs!

Paul Shinn said...

Yum yum! Cake!!!

These all look great. I'm sure they'll sell really well...

Chelsea said...

so cute. how long does it take you, roughly, to make one of the cake slices?

Rachael Smith said...

@joven cheers babes x

@fluffy tee hee, the dinosaurs seem to be a favourite with many people already! xxx

@paul thanks honey - I hope they will!

@chelsea towards the end it was taking me about half an hour i think. thats including cutting everything out and that. bit of a faff they were!