Saturday, 5 June 2010

White Noise crafting (2)

Hello hello!
I thought I'd show you the stuff I've made for our craft stall at White Noise sunday so far...

The guy sat on the bag is a monster called Claude. I love him, I can't decide if I want to sell him or not...


A new cake!

The old cake, but still cute ^_^

The mices.

Cake badges!

More badges! I'm aiming to make 5 of each kind of badge...I should get on that...

Flimsy cards! These are the only Flimsy Kitten things I'll be selling. I thought it would be nice to make non-flimsy things to try new stuff, you know?

I've been having a hard time pricing things...but I think prices are going to be as follows:
Cards: £2
Mice: £3.50
Badges: £4
Strawberries: £4
Carrots: £5
Cake slices: £5.50
Claude (if I decide to sell him!): £7
What do you guys reckon? I mean it IS for charity after all........ :)
Do come along if you can, besides Laura and I looking beautiful and selling beautiful things there are some awesome bands playing!!

Loves to you all,
Rachael xxxx


Peter Underhill said...

I like the colour of the carrots. If Tara McPherson grew carrots...

dentdelion said...

how lovely! :)