Monday, 5 July 2010

Fox t-shirt design

I think this would look awesome on a t shirt.
But what do YOU (yes, YOU) think?


timothywilliammoon said...

I'd buy it. Looks awesome.

Lee Taylor said...
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Lee Taylor said...

Me? Well, I also think it would look awesome for fox sake :) and I'm especially liking the one in the bottom right; is he yawning..? :O

Rachael Smith said...

Thanks guys! I'ma see if I can get some printed when I have some monies ^_^

Lee - the one at the bottom right was actually meant to look like he's playing or barking, but it does look rather like a yawn doesn't it...!

R xxxx

stromasdragon said...

It would make an awesome t-shirt I would by one.