Monday, 26 July 2010

Mini character sketchbook

Here are some of the crazy critters that have been running around my brain recently:

Colonel Hoofy is very angry with Jacob Pearington for stealing his scarf.

A cool scenester-girl waiting for her cocktail and Mother (rude, over-protective) Duck and her child, Moggy.

That one hamster is surprised that that other hamster is flying with tiny balloons. The happy fire is burning the logs. They're all not very pleased about that apart from that one log who is in love with something off the page.

A cool girl called Sarah. A nice baby bear in a mouse costume. He's powerful friendly.

Danny (you all know him by now) burns a squirrel. An octopus gets angry that he isn't molesting young, Japanese girls.

A sad girl called Monique thinks about how lonely she is. An angry girl called Sophie thinks about how much she hates her boyfriend.

A longish fox. She's just chillin'. A sleepy squirrel does some noms.

A worried Pine Marten called Oscar. He thinks he may have lost his children. He will soon decide just to make some more. The other chap is a dwarf hamster called Kyle.

Monsters! The one on the left (Kiki) can charge mobile phones with his whiskers. The one on the right (Mugmug) spits out change if you force-feed him a note. It's always in whatever currency is on the other side of the world though. Awkward.

This girl is pissed that you've stolen her bra. I'd hold on to it if I were you. The bunny is too busy to notice as you've just fed him.

A gormless fox. A tiny man made of pure energy contemplates the hugeness of the world around him.


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Paul Shinn said...

hahaha! Love your ideas!!