Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Marvin the Monster

I've been experimenting with things to make for the Pretty Young Things craft fair in November, and I thought I'd make something based on the promotional poster I made for the event.

HENCE: Marvin the monster was born!

I've only made one of him so far and you can buy him HERE.
But I'll be making more soon, so watch this space...

Marvin the Monster!

Marvin meets his new friends!


Marvin doesn't mind the huge mess that is my office.

This is how Marvin reads comics.

Bye for now, Marvin!

All the plush creatures pictured with Marvin can also be bought at my shop HERE.

Loves xxx


STARMAN said...

Hey Rachel how you doin ???
lol lol i like Marvin the monster
just to bad that i aint a kid !!
You know for a monster he really is
cough*SCARY*cough but aaaanywho cool
guy i think the kids are goin to love him!!!
By the way my name is Sikhumbuzo 4rm
South Africa

Rachael Smith said...

Thanks hun, glad you like him!
R xxx