Thursday, 19 August 2010

Original sketches for sale - from 50p!!!


You can now own an original piece of Rachael Smith art!
With prices starting from just 50p and none higher than £9 there MUST be something for you – yes YOU!
You can browse them all in the shop HERE.

And here for you I've blogged some of my favourites, if you see anything you like, I've put the link to that item in the shop underneath each picture, but hurry - once they're gone they're gone!!

A wee fox wearing a hoodie ^_^ He seems happy about that.
He is £2 and you can buy him HERE.

A little girl watching her cat chase a spider. Cuteness!
She is £3 and you can buy her HERE.

Two little sketches for the price of one! This little kitten is chasing his toy mouse. He is also purple - double win!
He is £50 (for both) and you can get him HERE.

A stretching cat. A lot of you liked him when I first blogged him, now you can own him!
He is £8 and you can buy him HERE.

A beautiful fox. He was part of a t shirt design which I will hopefully have available soon. For now you can own the original sketch!
He is £9 and you can buy him HERE.

Little Minty! Again, lots of you loved Minty the wolf and now you can own a little piece of him for just 50p! You can buy him HERE.

Scarlet and her best friend, a wolf. This was concept art for a comic book idea.
Scarlet is only £1 and you can buy her HERE.

The cat girl gang! They have found something shocking - but what?? Own them and YOU can decide!
You can buy the cat girls for £9 HERE.

Gav and Sophie - my concept characters for a future comic book. I love the expression on the dog's face. Gets me every time!
Get them for £9 HERE.

A sad girl. Cheer up sad girl. She's very pretty though - well worth £4.
Get her HERE.

Yay for Danny the Dragon! There are just two Danny-related sketches available, this one has the beautiful Princess Scarlet holding him, awww!
Get them for £9 from HERE.

A Danny sketch, he looks a bit puzzled.
Get him for £8 HERE.

The hamster city original concept sketch! Hamsters live a lot like you or I. You'll have fun looking at all the details for ages - it would be a great conversation piece, right?
Own it for £9 from HERE.

The puppy wants to play with the tiny Flimsy Kittens!
Get him for £9 HERE.

A sweet little cat sitting on a windowsill.
He's £5 from HERE.

Housekeeping: Prices may vary VERY slightly due to currency exchange rates – but it will only be a few pennies here and there. Also, Etsy should recognise where you are from and change the prices accordingly, but in case it doesn’t theres a very good currency converter HERE.

Once again, you can browse the whole jolly lot HERE.

If you have any questions convo me on Etsy or email me on: rachael(at)

Love you all,
Rachael xxx

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