Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rufus poster

I done a poster what is all about my cat. You like?
Click on it to make it bigger, yo.

These bits are my faves:

Rufus nommed his food so quickly once that he gave himself hiccups. :D

Rufus doesn't understand what his scratching post is for and will scratch almost ANYTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE.

He also spends hours burying his poop in the litter box. I think sometimes he does it for so long he forgets why he was doing it in the first place and just showers the rest of the room with litter.

I still love him though <3
R xxx


Paul Shinn said...

That's great!!! I will make myself a cup of tea and sit and look at this properly...!

Rachael Smith said...

Awwww! I've achieved my goal of making an art that warrants sitting in front of it with a cup of tea!

*ticks box on life achievements*

you are lovely, Paul.

R xxxx

Rachel said...

I saw this on the Meowoodle tumblr blog and followed it back here. I love this piece, I can identify with a lot of it, Rufus looks adorable! Also your drawing style is lovely, right up my street.

a wild creature said...

Aaaawwww!:D This is terrific! And... it's now my new desktop wallpaper;)