Sunday, 27 March 2011

Saturday Doodles

I did these yesterday. Some were done on a train from Nottingham. Others in a pub. See if you can guess which!

This is law duck. I was walking through my old uni campus the other day and there was a duck just sat on the pavement. The uni is kinda near a canal but it was strange to see one so far into human-ville. I daydreamed about him studying in the law department.

Aeroplane Dog feels good about being Aeroplane Dog.

I tried to draw Cuddles from memory. If you don't know who Cuddles is, dude, you need to go here.

Here's some food I like. Just for kicks I gave them all human names.

Some llamas telling secrets:

I drew an otter playing with a pebble because I was thinking about this video.

An outfit I want:

My phone is very old. So I drew round it and made it more exciting. AND gave it a friend. I'm kind.

I was thinking about old comics I made. This drawing is based on this one.

And finally, this, because there aren't enough stories about squirrels meeting live puddles of wine.

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