Saturday, 17 December 2011

Vicky Park

Some randomly chosen Vicky Park comic strips which are appearing weekly in the Leicester Mercury's More magazine every Saturday.

I'm really enjoying this project. I'm especially liking watching the characters develop week-by-week.


Paul Shinn said...

Amazing and funny! I love these!

Rachael Smith said...

Aww thank you Paul! You are too too nice :) xxx

Rachael said...

Lol! These are so cute and funny!
X3 I especially like the third one! xD

Rachael Smith said...

Thank you Rachael! <3

AlexiaArtsforKids said...

Utterly brilliant! Always put a smile on my face, every Saturday. Some of my favourite ones you've shown here - I remember them when they were printed.
I have every one of them in the More magazines, that they appear in the back of. I have a huge pile of More magazines! :)