Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Light The Night 2013

I've been involved in a really nice project over the past few months called 'Light the Night', which coincided with a whole bunch of exciting Christmas stuff in Leicester's cultural quarter. There were camels, guys! CAMELS!

Anyway, the bit I was involved in was some animated projections of Flimsy and her friends on a couple of buildings. Andrew Leeke, of Creative Manifesto headed the project.

Yay! Giant Flimsy!

Andrew is also a top class animator, and he took my drawings and brought them to life beautifully.
Here are the three videos that were projected, pretty adorable, huh? 
(click the images to go through to youtube):

It was lovely to see Flimsy come to life like that, I hope to work with Andrew more in the future ^_^

To see more Flimsy stuff, visit her website HERE.

Finally, here are the original drawings I did:


Paul Shinn said...

That's great! So nice to see your drawings animated! :)

Rachael Smith said...

I know, right? :)
Thanks Paul!

R xxx

AlexiaArtsforKids said...

Awwww, I missed these previously.... they're lovely!
02:21! Last comment for tonight, sorry to say, I'm very sleepy. *yaaaahhhnnnn*.