Friday, 15 November 2013

Thought Bubble!

OMG GUYS IT'S MY FIRST EVER THOUGHT BUBBLE! (23rd - 24th November, Leeds)

I am well nervous - so if you're around please come see me and make reassuring sounds.

I am sharing a table with the brill Drew Askew and take a gander at the other amazing artists that we'll be sharing a hall with on the list below! 

Things what I will have with me:

-I Am Fire (£5)
-The Way We Write (£5)
-Flimsy’s Guide to Modern Living (£4)
-One Good Thing January (v. limited!) (£4)
-One Good Thing March (/quite/ limited) (£4)
-One Good Thing May (£4)
-Badges (50p or free when you buy a comic)
-Greetings cards (£1)
-Prints (including one brand new one of a very nice whale) (£5 / £10)

This is all reliant on how much space Drew will let me have…come early and watch us fight about it!

If there's something on the list above that you can't see on my table - just ask :)

R xxx


Ari Carr said...

SO excited to meet you! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Flimsy's Guide to Modern Living :)

Ari Carr said...
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Rachael Smith said...

:D yaaaaay!!